Everything You Need To Know About Kombucha

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One of the number one questions I get asked (aside from “so when are you and Kevin getting married?) *eye roll* is what are the kombucha benefits? Why do I drink it? What flavor is my favorite? What brand? What IS it? So I’m here to address all of these things today. If you remember, I actually have done a post on what kombucha is and how it improves gut health. So, In partnership with Health-Ade, I want to dive a little deeper in this one, more into the benefits it can provide for you. If we can improve our gut health we can improve our overall health. We have an insane gut, mind connection that a lot of people don’t realize. It actually has a lot to do with mental health as well. Have you ever been really nervous about something at work, or a presentation and suddenly you’re nauseous? It’s all connected! Your body reacts to your brain and your brain to your body. Think about that for a second. Sounds like a simple, duh, concept but so many don’t think of it at all.


We’ve all been around for the rise of kombucha benefits and it’s popularity has continued to grow – for good reason. As we learn more about gut health, we learn that fermented foods are REALLY good for your gut microbiome. Once a food is fermented, it has grown probiotic bacteria that your gut loves. Eating more of these foods can improve digestion and boost immunity. Which leads me to kombucha, which is a fermented tea chalk full of probiotics. If you’re not into taking supplements (ahem, Kevin) then kombucha is a great way to get a dose of probiotics and do something really great for your body.

*not a doctor, just letting you know my experience*

Having good bacteria in your gut can also make it easier for you to digest food a whole lot better. For me, in particular, I know that corn, gluten and even broccoli make me bloated after I eat them – like pregnant bloated you guys! It’s because we don’t have the correct or enough of the bacteria in our gut needed to digest that specific food. Having the good bacteria also helps you absorb the maximum amount of nutrients into your body because it’s able to breakdown properly. Your gut microbiome effects literally your entire body, it’s inflammation, mental state, immunity, EVERYTHING. Some research I’ve done has even called the gut microbiome our second brain. Eating more probiotic rich foods (fermented things like kombucha) can even improve your mood


First of all – Sometimes water get’s a little boring and I need something to spice It up without being full of sugar. There is sugar in kombucha but it’s a small amount and it’s mostly for the kombucha benefits – not you. It’s a little fizzy and super refreshing. So, being someone who suffers from headaches on the daily-ish, I really try to eat/drink thinks that are going to benefit my health and hopefully lead to less headaches. Gut health is one of the major things on that list. If I can help the good bacteria in my body by sipping on something delicious – I’m doing it. Health-Ade has tons of amazing flavors but the Bubbly Rose in particular is so unexpectedly good! It’s definitely floral and makes me feel super fancy drinking it. It would also make a pretty great cocktail mixer – it is summer after all.

I hope this inspires you to dig a little deeper, be a little more curious about the things you put in your body but most of all to #FollowYourGut all the way to Health-Ade because it’s my favorite way to get a healthy dose of probiotics!

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