The Office Delray Beach – Way More Than Water Cooler Convo

Walking into the hustle and bustle of Atlantic Avenue in Delray beach can be a little intimidating. There’s restaurants and shops all full of life – how could you possibly choose where to go first? We stumbled upon a restaurant called ‘The Office’ , which made me want to check it out just because of that! We took a look at the menu and there were so many good things that we had to give it a try.

We were greeted by our server Justin who was incredibly sweet, full of knowledge and provided awesome and honest suggestions. Like any good human – we started with cocktails. The Avenue Lemonade and The Strawberry Avenue Lemonade were my absolute favorites!

When I go to restaurants, I’m not usually into ordering the traditional way and having an appetizer and then an entrée for each person. If the menu isn’t tapas – I make it tapas! Ya ready for my Office menu creation?!

Start with the colossal pretzel, it has bacon butter AND beer mustard. Do yourself a favor and ask for an extra bacon butter in advance…you’ll need it. The pretzel is so freaking soft and delicious and the bacon butter is such a fun twist. It’s salty and sweet.

Office Pretzel

The angry cauliflower is crispy and covered in spicy sweet chili (one of my favorite flavors) and is so hard to stop yourself from eating.

Office Angry Cauli

We also trusted Justin and went with one of the specials – A pulled pork bao bun (who says no to bao buns?!) It was filled with lettuce, some cabbage and packed with flavor.

The tuna tartare is something I refuse to let you miss. I don’t care how many tuna tartare’s you’ve had, this one is different! It’s stacked on avocado and a middle layer of crunchy wontons then a kimchee glaze is poured over it tableside. There is nothing more I could’ve asked for from this. SO GOOD.

The Office has such a fun vibe and is in an awesome location. I recommend coming here for tourists and locals alike!

For more information about The Office please visit

Another great spot for a luxurious dinner is Point Royal at The Diplomat in Hollywood.

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