Liberté Yogurt is Opening Our Tastebuds to New Flavors


Often times I have a million things to do at once and I’m running out the door. I’m usually pretty good about prepping some meals and snacks but sometimes I just don’t want to! I’m only human right?! The hard part is finding something ‘on the go’ that is also good for you. We all know there are tons and tons of ‘healthy’ snacks that are full of hidden chemicals and artificial sweeteners. Those are a no-go in my book. I’ve made a conscious effort to change the way I buy and think about food. I’m more conscious of the ingredients and what I’m putting in my body, and that just makes me feel better – I have more energy.  I want to get up and workout. The real motivation is seeing the results in how you look and feel. So with that being said, there’s no way I’m turning back – I’m moving forward with the good stuff!


I came across Liberté  yogurt and had to taste it! The variety and depth of the flavors they have, like Ecuadorian Mango & Phillipine Coconut are what I like to see on the shelves. The other thing I look at when choosing any snack are the ingredients. Liberté  uses organic milk from happy cows and all natural real ingredients for their extraordinary flavors. They work with small farmers in a win-win situation of full circle support. The farmers as well as Liberté  get to fulfill their passions along the way. What’s better than that? We’re all looking for happiness and I think I’ve found mine in this yogurt. If that’s wrong I don’t wanna be right! 

You can get your own at Publix using this coupon!


Visit for more information on the products and fun flavors Liberte offers, their story, the farmers they work with and frequently asked questions!

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