Authentic Mediterranean Cuisine at Hummus Factory

Getting My Falafel Fix at Hummus Factory

I took a trip to Israel three years ago and just fell in love with the food and culture. There’s something to be said for having a restaurant in America that emulates these dishes so well. The Hummus Factory is a no frills vegetarian Mediterranean restaurant that offers up classic authentic dishes. Now, what would a Mediterranean restaurant be without pita bread?! The Hummus Factory is proud to say that they make theirs in-house and let me tell you something – easily the best pita I’ve ever had. It’s warm, soft and pillow-ey just the way I like it.

Hummus Factory

I must talk about the hummus because after all this is the Hummus Factory! They are offering up hummus bowls with the option of creating your own or selecting from their menu. Some of the offerings include mushrooms, onions, shakshuka, chick pea, hard boiled egg, broccoli and Cauliflower. I chose to add mushrooms, chickpeas and eggplant. One of the things I love about this hummus is that you can tell it’s fresh, but also because it’s not full of cumin! It’s perfect. I like that you have the option to add what you like. Next time, I’m definitely going for the shakshuka [creamy tomato sauce].

Hummus Facory - Hummus Bowl

We also tried the falafel because let’s be real – I was not leaving this place without my falafel. They were fried to a perfect crisp and served with fresh tahini on the side.

Hummus Factory - Falafel

Last but not least, the Sabich Pita – “Traditional Israeli Sandwich” Pita filled with roasted eggplant, hardboiled egg, fresh Israeli salad and Tahini. This is such a rich and delicious sandwich. Do not be turned away by the words vegetarian or sandwich when you’re ordering here because everything is outstanding and full of flavor.

Hummus Factory - Sabich Pita-2

Hummus Factory - sabich Pita

The Hummus Factory really nailed it in the authenticity department. I’m so excited I have a place to go to get my fix now!

The Hummus Factory is located at 2790 Stirling Road, Hollywood, FL 33020. For more information visit or call (305) 761-6312

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