Holiday Season Hacks and My Favorite Leftover Meal

Holiday season is here! This is my favorite time of year. There are tons and tons of family gatherings, wine and new recipes to be made. Most of the time Kev and I host at least Thanksgiving at our house. My mom, sister and I plan the menu weeks ahead and spend the entire day in the kitchen (which we love!). Sometimes we go traditional and sometimes we go way off track and do something completely different like a Thai themed Thanksgiving dinner – I know what you’re thinking. We’re breaking all of the holiday traditions – but in reality, it’s about spending time together, not the food. We all enjoy coming up with new things and putting our skills to the test, so it’s fun for us!

This year will be the same in many ways but I’ve decided to make one part of it a little bit easier. The day of eating is so heavy that we just want something simple the next day. A lot of the time we can even mix some of the side dishes and ingredients together into some concoction. This time I decided to try and make something a little bit lighter. The holiday dinner roll is coming BACK. Pepperidge Farms Artisan Multigrain Rolls are made with the finest ingredients and hand scored. You can find a coupon to make your holidays a little bit easier as well! These rolls are the perfect hack to any meal – they’re ready to be served as dinner rolls in just 10 minutes and ready to be used in recipes right out of the freezer. In my wellness journey I’ve been paying more attention to ingredients and try to be whole as much as I can. With that being said I created just toasted them up and made an avocado ‘mayo’ to mix with the leftover turkey.


Sandwiches not your style? Here’s a video on how to create a quick and tasty crouton for salads or soups.

The perfect Fall recipe is here!


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