Floating My Way Into A New Mental State at Float8 Wellness Lounge

In the last year, I have made health and wellness more of a priority in my life. I’ve always been into health and fitness, however this year something in me changed. I wanted to do better for myself and for my future. When I was presented with the chance to work on my mental health, I couldn’t say no.


Float8 is a wellness lounge that provides you the opportunity to disconnect from the world in your very own tank. Yes, I said tank.


You can float your worries away. There are no lights, sounds or gravity to keep you from fully zoning in. To some, it might sound scary to really dive into yourself in such a way – and I will not lie, I was a little nervous too. However, once you let yourself relax, you fall into a deep meditative state and everything just sort of floats away. The tubs are filled with 10 inches of water and about 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt. The water is maintained at 94.5 degrees which is considered skin-receptor neutral. You essentially don’t feel your body when you’re in the water and it’s such an incredible feeling. It’s also very similar to floating in the dead sea (I was lucky enough to experience this in Israel a few years back) but without all of the chaos and splashing.


The benefits to floating are not only mental, but physical as well. It has been known to help with expediting the healing of broken or sprained bones, back and neck pain relief, and spinal alignment to name a few. It is also awesome for stress relief, pregnant women, your immune system, and even athletes.

The benefits are endless, and you have nothing to lose – so what are you waiting for? Go get your float on! Click here!

Looking for a recipe to go with your float? This yogurt is the best snack.

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