Brunchin’ at The Foxy Brown

The Foxy Brown Brunch

First things first [I’m the realest], does anyone else sing that in their head every time someone says that or is it just me? Thanks Iggy. ANYWAY, I’ve been on a brunch kick lately, and there are tons of amazing restaurants in Miami. However, I feel like Fort Lauderdale is underestimated sometimes. The Foxy Brown is such a good spot for brunch in the 954. Their menu has all of the classics but also feeds into the foodie souls with things like banana bread grilled cheese – yeah I’ll get to that later. It’s a tiny restaurant that packs a huge punch and complimentary coffee and fruit infused water!

 Onto that good good, the Banana Bread Grilled Cheese with nutella and ricotta filling. “This sh*t is banana’s” I’m full of songs today! For real though, I’m very picky about my banana breads because I have an awesome recipe I’ve eaten for years but this one is perfect and toasted! The ricotta, nutella mix is a little bit salty and not as rich as you’re expecting it to be, in a good way! It is the perfect combination of savory and sweet in a brunch dish.

The Foxy Brown-banana bread grilled cheese

When I have a sweet dish I always have to order something savory also. For my dish this time it was the Hangar Steak Hash – Two eggs and chimichurri hollandaise. Talk about steak and eggs! This has so much flavor, the steak was cooked perfectly and so tender. You can order the eggs however you would like them cooked – we did sunny side up. The mix of the chimichurri hollandaise and the egg yolk is a match made in heaven.

The Foxy Brown-hangar steak hash

Another goodie is the Crab Cake Benedict – pan seared lump crab on your choice of English muffin or potato pancakes. Now obviously, we had to order it with the potato pancakes because everything is better with potatoes. The crab cakes were all crab and barely any breading just how I like it. The poached egg and hollandaise mixed deliciously with the crab and potato pancakes. The Foxy Brown nailed it.

The Foxy Brown - crab cake eggs benedict

Even though this was technically breakfast, I still had to have dessert. One of my favorite things that The Foxy Brown has on their menu is their boozy milkshakes.     We decided on the espresso macchiato – so delicious! You can taste the liquor just enough to know its “boozy” but it still tastes like an awesome milkshake. Warning: these are huge, I suggest sharing with one of your BFF’s like I did.

The Foxy Brown - espresso macchiato boozy milkshake

The Foxy Brown Bill

How cute is the check?

For more information call (754) 200-4236 or visit

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