Bolay is Your Gluten Free Answer to Healthy Meals That Taste Good

There are quite a few new restaurants boasting healthy foods but Bolay is at the top of my list. For starters, the entire restaurant is gluten free. Not only is it hard to find fast-casual healthy eats but I know gluten free entirety is few and far between. Although, I am not gluten free, Bolay has made me a believer. The concept is to choose your own chef inspired ingredients to create your own bowl. You start with a base, then move along to veggies, proteins, toppings and sauces. Wanna hear what I got? Because it was BOMB. I started with a base of cilantro [rice] noodles and marinated kale and currant salad. I chose smokey cauliflower and balsamic mushrooms for my veggie and miso glazed tofu and spicy thai shrimp for my proteins. I topped it all off with their house made spicy thai sauce.


I do have to say one thing – I am not normally a tofu eater but the staff was gracious enough to let me taste it first and I was blown away. The miso makes it so flavorful! I was also a little bit skeptical of the cilantro noodles because I’m not the biggest fan of cilantro but I can take it in small doses and they were perfect. The kale salad packed a sour and sweet punch from the currants and the dressing. The smokey cauliflower and balsamic mushrooms seem like they would be odd in this mix but they fit in so well. I’m obsessed with mushrooms and they cooked them as  perfectly. The spicy thai shrimp was just the cherry on top – it went so well with the miso tofu. Bolay also makes cold pressed juices in house daily to round out your perfect bowl.  I suggest you find a Bolay ASAP!

Visit them here !

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